VIA at MINEXPO® 2021 Preview: VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System

There are only three days to go before MINEXPO® 2021, the world’s largest mining industry event, kicks off in Las Vegas. We have been busy putting the final touches to the demos for the VIA booth located at #555 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas. It is going to be interesting to participate in a physical event after more than a year of taking part in virtual ones. You are welcome to drop by if you are attending the show.

One of the highlights of our booth is our new VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System that we will be officially launching on the first day of MINEXPO®. This powerful new system features camera detection and mmWave radar smart sensor fusion technology that provides operators of mining, excavation, and construction equipment with real-time alerts of approaching vehicles, machinery, and workers in all weather, lighting, and working conditions.

The system supports two configurable Warning and Critical detection zones to notify operators of potential hazards around the left, right and rear sides of their vehicle. Whenever it detects an object or a person in either zone, it displays a color-coded indicator on the operator’s in-cabin screen. If it deems the object or person as a threat due to their trajectory, a blue box will flash around the color-coded indicator and the corresponding audio alert will also be played to alert the operator of the impending danger.

Since the vast majority of accidents occur when a vehicle is moving backwards, we have added a special Reverse Gear function that treats all objects and people detected by the rear camera as threats regardless of their trajectories to make sure that the operator takes extra care when reversing.

The VIA Mobile360 Heavy Equipment Safety System includes the VIA Mobile360 M810 System with an IP67 ruggedized waterproof enclosure, four FOV190° IP69K 720p cameras, three IP69K 77GHz mmWave radar sensors, a choice of 8.2” and 10.1” HD monitors, and a 4.4W speaker. An extensive range of mountings and cables is also available.

The system can be installed on a most popular types of loaders, off-highway trucks, and other vehicles, including the CAT 972M, CAT 980M, CAT 988K, CAT 775F, and John Deere 724. We also provide a comprehensive range of installation and customization services to meet specific deployment requirements.

To learn more about our plans for MINEXPO 2021, please click here.




I live in Taiwan and am interested in exploring what ancient Chinese philosophy can tell us about technology and the rise of modern China.

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Richard Brown

Richard Brown

I live in Taiwan and am interested in exploring what ancient Chinese philosophy can tell us about technology and the rise of modern China.

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