Accelerating the digital transformation of warehouse operations

The global warehouse and logistics sector is caught up in a perfect storm as it scrambles to meet growing market demand while grappling with increasing supply chain complexity and rising staff shortages.

The severity of these issues makes stepping up investments in digital transformation technologies such as AI and the Cloud more important than ever before. Without the ability to properly track the real-time status of shipments and accurately forecast future capacity needs, companies in the sector will find it increasingly difficult to keep up with ever greater market demands. The failure to boost investments in safety and training will increase the risk of serious onsite accidents as well as leading to even higher staff turnover levels as companies aggressively seek new workers.

To remain competitive in this rapidly changing environment, warehouse and logistics companies will need to transition from a reactive operational model that remains firmly rooted in the past to a proactive one that empowers them with the data they need to embrace the challenges of the future and react quickly to sudden changes in supply chain visibility and end-market demand.

The core technologies required for the digital transformation of warehouse and logistics operations are already widely available, whether they be sensors for location tracking, cameras for people and object detection, and AI and the Cloud for storing and analyzing critical enterprise data. The key challenge many companies in the sector face is finding a powerful engine that drives the digital transformation process at scale and delivers an immediate and measurable impact.

As a high-value asset that poses a significant safety risk, the forklift is a strong candidate for this role. Investments in smart systems that boost the safety of these heavy and cumbersome machines have the potential produce tangible returns in short time frames — not just in terms of reducing accidents and related insurance and healthcare costs, but also in alleviating the metal and physical stress that drivers experience while operating vehicles that are involved in over 100,000 accidents per year in the UK alone.

The VIA Mobile360 Forklift Safety System provides companies with a powerful digital transformation engine that can be deployed at the heart of their warehouse and logistics operations. Combining smart people detection and driver monitoring features with flexible customization headroom, the system not enables companies to immediately address their most pressing safety concerns but also provides the scalability they will need to meet rapidly changing operational needs.

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