Confucius said: “A leader is proud without being contentious and sociable without taking sides.”

There is no need to get embroiled in bitter arguments with other people. When discussions take a darker turn, simply walk away. Even though it may appear to some that you have “lost”, the truth…

Confucius said: “A person can enrich the way; the way cannot enrich a person.”

No matter what path you chose to follow, you will only get as much out of it as you put into it. The only way you can truly learn and improve yourself is through action…

Read this new English translation of the Analects of Confucius Book 2 to learn more about the teachings of China’s most famous philosopher. Its main themes include leadership, filial devotion, learning, thinking, and trust.

Chapter 1
Confucius said: “Governing by the power of virtue can be compared to the Pole Star…

Confucius said: “When everyone hates someone, you should investigate that person further. When everyone loves someone, you should investigate that person further.”

Beware of the wisdom of the crowd. Just because someone is extremely popular, it does not necessarily mean that they can do no wrong; and just because…

Confucius said: “Smooth talk confounds virtue. Impatience in small matters confounds great plans.”

Words can obscure as much as they can enlighten. Pay close attention not just to what people say but how they say it. Observing their facial expressions and hand movements can give you vital clues about…

Confucius said: “Even when I was young scribes would leave a blank space if they were unsure of what to write and people who owned horses would lend them to others to ride. Nowadays such practices have disappeared.”

Don’t be embarrassed to ask people for help if you do…

Confucius said: “When it comes to other people, I don’t usually praise or condemn them. If I praise anyone, it is only after they have been put to the test. It is because all the people acted in this way that the Three Dynasties kept to the straight path.”

Zigong asked: “Is there one single word that can guide you through your entire life?” Confucius said: “Should it not be reciprocity? Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.”

Never treat people in ways that you would not wish to be treated. This…

Confucius said: “A leader doesn’t promote someone simply because of what they say, nor does a leader dismiss what is said because of the person who said it.”

Never rush to judgment. Just because someone catches your attention with something that they say should not mean that you automatically…

Confucius said: “A leader makes demands on themself; a petty person makes demands on others.”

When something goes wrong, resist the temptation to blame others for the failure. While they may have made mistakes, you need to reflect first on how you could have handled the issue more effectively…

Richard Brown

I live in Taiwan and am interested in exploring what ancient Chinese philosophy can tell us about technology and the rise of modern China.

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